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International Single Store Development
Any fees quoted here are USD. Fees do not include furniture, fixtures, equipment, or construction, which are the responsibility of the Licensee to purchase with our assistance.

The fees for use of the license and our development package for one ALL THE PERKS ESPRESSO CAFÉ outlet are priced according to location and to how many outlets are committed to by the candidate.  Candidate, if qualified may sign an agreement for up to 3 outlets without having sign a Master Developer Agreement.

The cost of opening an ATP Espresso Café varies but will in the $150,000-$250,000 investment range

Our License & Development package includes:
  • A Phase I visit to the home city to scout potential locations and to discuss menus and designs. During this preliminary visit we will spend up to 7 days accessing the competition, inspecting and measuring potential locations, determining equipment and joinery needs and sourcing vendors, contractors, etc. (Phase I visit will only be necessary to develop the concept for the first store in a new market. The additional travel expenses for Phase I should not reoccur with subsequent openings).

  • International trademark with exclusive license to use the Mark and name in a pre-determined area.

  • All operating manuals, hardcopy and electronic, in English delivered during our Phase I visit to allow you adequate time for translation into your native language.

  • In-depth industry training including, coffee knowledge, food & beverage production, sales, marketing, register training, inventory management, hiring procedures, equipment maintenance, and general day to day operations. NOTE: We will have two staff members on site for 10-12 days. (Along with the travel expenses related to training, licensee is responsible to hire translators if necessary)
  • Complete plan sets of café designs; specifically, floor plan and equipment layouts, 3-D elevations, joinery, color plates, furniture details, etc. The Plan Set will be complete and adequate for building.
  • On-going communication with you and/or your contractors via email and computer voice over protocol for conversations to help “project manage” your build-out.

  • Proprietary custom food and drink recipes developed specifically to suit your market. If it is not feasible to ship our coffee from the United States to your country we will find local coffee roasters to duplicate our signature blends.

  • We will provide graphic support in the initial designing of business cards, menu boards, take-out menus, and point of sale marketing. (Licensee will be responsible for any graphic materials required in a language other than English.)
  • A Phase II visit will occur upon completion of the shop build-out. Completion of build-out means that all construction, painting and cleaning is complete, equipment has been installed and is operational and opening inventory and supplies have been received. The Phase II visit will last   approximately 14 days and consist of training and opening your store.

  • Our monthly License and Royalty Fee is $1,000.00 for the first outlet and $500.00 per month for each additional opened outlet. This fee will cover the costs of on-going back support to keep your stores profitable. Included in this will be monthly marketing advice, educational information, and operational ideas; along with product development including specialty drink recipes and seasonal recipes and marketing materials to promote special offers.

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