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Signature Blends
ALL THE PERKS ESPRESSO CAFE features five proprietary blends of the finest Arabica coffee beans roasted to varying degrees of darkness and each one crafted specially to ensure your customers the finest selections suited to their personal tastes. Two of the blends are also available in decaf processed using a 100% chemical free Swiss Water Process.

In addition to these five unique blends, we feature a full line of organic and fair trade coffees and unlimited flavored coffees.

Sunrise: Awaken to this hearty, delicious morning blend. This bright crisp blend exhibits medium body, with deliciously fruity and nutty aromas and flavors. This city roast is the quintessential flavor for the light roast lover to start a new day, especially when paired with an apple danish!
First Alert: The moderate acidity and medium body alert all your senses to the notable harmony and superb balance of this coffee. First Alert exhibits sweet floral and somewhat smoky undertones and is an ideal, everyday cup with which to start your day. This blend is a combination of a city roast and French roast and will really show off when paired with Banana Nut Bread!
Trilogy: A European style coffee that is perfect with dinner or a decadent dessert. This blend is especially unique in that the green beans are blended first and then roasted to a full city roast which results in a heavy bodied yet lightly acidic cup of coffee. Look for very complex and intense flavors with earthy, floral & chocolate undertones and hints of lemon & hazelnut. This is a blend of the best beans from the 3 major growing regions. Enjoy this cup with a tart lemon bar or a sweet pecan pie!
Fusion: This is a blend strong enough for the west coast but smooth enough for the north coast. This coffee is 60% French roast and 40% full city roast therefore dark chocolate overtones and caramelized sugars dominate the taste profile and are enhanced by floral, citrus and berry aromas. Enjoy this coffee for its smoothness and a lingering coffee aftertaste.
Bonaparte: Roasted to a full French roast, Bonaparte is a strictly high grown, mild coffee from Central America with bittersweet and smoky aromas. The deep, dark glistening beans brew a bold cup of coffee that is more earthy than floral and provides a long lasting, rich aftertaste and deep finish.
Valore Espresso Blend: Our Italian style espresso blend lifts espresso flavor to new heights of concentration. This is a very clean tasting espresso with a beautiful crema and sweet taste. It is strong and bold with subtle after tones that delight the purist and can hold its own in the flavored lattes.
Our Signature Blends, Sunrise & Fusion, are also offered in a Decaf Variety using a Swiss Water Process.
The 100% chemical free Swiss Water Process begins by soaking high quality green coffee beans in pure clean water to create what we call "flavor-charged water". This step occurs only once, and these original beans are then discarded. The flavor-charged water is then run through a carbon filter, which traps only the caffeine molecules in the carbon's pores. Next the flavor-charged water, now decaffeinated, is circulated over the green coffee beans and the caffeine, not the flavor, naturally flows out of the beans - simple diffusion. Because the water is already saturated with flavor components, any possible flavor crossover or removal that might occur is held to an absolute minimum. This is why the Swiss Water Process maintains coffee flavor and complexity so accurately, without adding foreign "process" flavors to the coffees.

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