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Extra Advantage Consulting
With ALL THE PERKS "Extra Advantage" Consulting package, we’re committed to providing a complete business package that will not only help you with the portion of your business that is visible to your customers: store appearance, product choices and customer service but also add an “extra advantage” by covering all the behind-the-scene requirements it takes to open and operate a profitable specialty coffee business: negotiating the best lease, choosing the right equipment and having a properly trained staff who can wow your customers with the perfect latte every time
Our consulting team can help you with the most crucial and time consuming steps to opening your new coffee business. Our consultants, designers and project managers will assist you with concept development, layout, design, build out and installation, as well as things you never thought of such as permitting and then continue with training and opening day assistance. And that's just for starters!


  • Base layout of existing space with new walls based on information provided by you, the landlord or by a site visit.
  • Equipment layout incorporating existing conditions and following our guidelines for best use of space according to the menu you have chosen.

  • Elevations of equipment lines to provide added detail. Guideline drawings showing   recommended electrical and plumbing connections and placement following manufacturer’s criteria and code guidelines.
  • Supplemental equipment detail drawings and equipment schedules to assist your   architect in developing construction documents in obtaining building permit.

  • Provide guideline document to assist in the choice of your architect and contractor.
  • Start with our baseline décor options and customize to your specific needs.

  • Provide equipment specification (cut-sheets) for each piece of equipment that is designed into your space.
  • Assure that the equipment choices meet local code requirements for construction and health departments.
  • We will source all equipment, cabinetry & signage as designed into your space. It may in your best interest to purchase through our distribution network. If you choose to source your own, we will provide you with the plans.
  • We will arrange delivery and installation of all equipment, cabinetry, furniture, & signage that we purchase on your behalf.
  • Beginning with our baseline menu, we will review additional options based on your local market and store size.
  • Beginning with our baseline menu, we will review additional options based on your local market and store size.

  • Equipment needs will be matched to your finalized menu.

  • We provide third-party introductions to funding organizations including leasing companies, traditional banks and SBA lending institutions, and other capital lending organizations.
  • We will develop a business plan for submission to potential lenders and your leasor.

  • We will provide assistance in facilitating the loan process.

  • We will coordinate menu offerings with local code requirements.
  • Assist in submitting appropriate forms to your local Health Department. Prepare necessary applications.

  • We will provide assistance in facilitating the loan process.

  • Supply required documents (other than stamped drawings) for submittal.
  • Write the necessary HACCP plans, customized to your menu, for approval by the Health Department.

  • Provide SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) as required by the local Health Department.

  • Includes the services of our real estate professionals who are intimately acquainted with the demographics required to operate a coffee business.
  • In-depth market research and potential site identification.

  • We will negotiate the best possible lease, on your behalf.

  • We will prepare and submit letters of intent to potential leasors.
     (Note: the final decisions on site location, and terms of the lease are the responsibility of theLicensee.)
  • We provide a hiring a team building manual with interview techniques and questions and a grading system.
  • We provide a hiring a team building manual with interview techniques and questions and a grading system.

  • We also provide pre-screening interview services to help you select the best customer service oriented staff.
  • We provide graphic design support for initial coffee programs, take-out menus, business cards, initial advertising.
  • We provide magnetic menu boards complete with menu design and printed inserts.

  • We provide a Plexi-display package for in store marketing.

  • We will provide written a press release announcing store opening for submission to local news sources.
  • We will hire a web designer to design a site for your All The Perks location, complete with Facebook integration and training.
  • 14 days of training for you and all your employees at your cafe.
  • Coffee knowledge program covers roasting techniques, proprietary blends, and other product knowledge including our unique pastry pairing and aroma lab.

  • Food & Beverage training includes hands on preparation of hot and cold drinks (pulling shots, steaming milk, preparing lattes, cappuccinos, frappes, smoothies, etc) and all food items on your menu. We will also instruct you and your staff on proper use of the equipment used to prepare food and beverages on your menu. Printed and laminated recipe cards are provided.

  • Equipment maintenance provides important life-extending instructions on cleaning your equipment daily, weekly, monthly and annually. A machine maintenance schedule is provided.
  • Marketing instruction includes sampling, networking, event planning, drink of the day promotions, coupons, etc.

  • Operations training provides in-depth review of all aspects of running a coffee shop; scheduling & controlling payroll, ordering & inventory control, closing procedures & bank deposits, vendors, monthly P&L, POS system, including programming, operation and report generation and includes a full operations manual, HR and operations forms, and employee training manual.
  • The last two days of training provides you with soft opening support and assistance.
Ongoing post opening services
  • Quarterly promotions and calendars and specially priced custom store posters in three sizes.

  • Monthly industry newsletter, featuring best practices, marketing ideas, promotions, recipes and new products.

  • Ongoing menu and recipe development.
  • New product introductions to increase profit centers.

  • Opportunity to purchase specialty retail logo merchandise, affordably priced to provide you with additional income stream.

  • 7 day a week customer service availability

  • Special pre-negotiated freight costs to lower your overall freight expenses

All The Perks Coffee does not and will not guarantee that funding will be arranged. Financing approval is solely a lending institution decision and approval or denial is to a large extent based on credit score, availability and percentage of individual capital infusion, net worth, and business knowledge or experience. All The Perks Coffee does not employ a licensed architect or engineer. The documents provided by All The Perks Coffee are guideline documents only and are intended to be incorporated into your final construction documents by a licensed architect or engineer employed by you, the Licensee.

Not available in all U.S. States.

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