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Compact Coffee Solutions
Custom designs for small spaces
ALL THE PERKS Espresso Cafe's Compact Coffee Solutions is a custom program where every space constraint is met as a design challenge not a space problem. Our talented designers will work with you to make optimal use of every inch of space; paying close attention to comfort of use and maximizing profit centers, all without sacrificing eye appeal. Menus are designed with space requirements in mind.

Smaller Venues often offer a lower initial investment costs than a traditional sit-down cafe. Our Compact Coffee Solution designs are endless. These custom designed solutions are ready to install in malls, office buildings, convention and recreation centers and more.
And, this lower investment option still offers the same full design, consulting, and training benefits included in our ALL THE PERKS "Extra Advantage" Consulting Package.

How Does It All Work?
First, complete and submit our online application. Once we’ve reviewed your qualifications we will call you and talk awhile to get to know each other. Once we've mutually agreed to explore further, you'll have time to complete your due diligence, which includes talking to existing All The Perks store owners, visiting stores, reviewing our contracts with your lawyers and talking with financial sources and advisors. (This initial exploratory phase, from introduction through due diligence, will generally take place over a 2 to 4 week time frame)

Once we've mutually decided to work together, our contracts are signed and your initial deposit is transferred (2 - 3 days).

We will then have our commercial realtors begin the all-important location search. Once eight to ten sites have been deemed credible, ALL THE PERKS will meet with you to scout those locations and narrow the selection to the two or three best sites. If none of the sites meet our criteria we may need to make a second site visit. Once we have approved sites, we will submit letters of intent and begin negotiations. (Location search phase will generally take 4 to 6 months)

After a lease has been signed, we'll design your store, and begin the permitting process with the various government agencies within your municipality and county. We'll solicit bids for the work to be done, oversee the building process and get all equipment and counters ordered. Three weeks before your store opening our installers will complete the build out of your store with counters, equipment and storage. Training follows for 8 days and our trainers remain on-site for the initial two days of your opening. (This final phase of development will generally take 7 to 10 weeks)

Start-Up Costs
Small Format Programs require an investment starting at $145,000 for a fully equipped compact coffee solution: inclusive of design, consulting, training, equipment, & installation. They are built to order and offer a variety of options. Compact Coffee Solutions are built to comply with local health and utility codes and include ATP’s exclusive Brand Management program and license.

Note: Actual pricing will vary according to location. Investment costs do not include opening operating capital.


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